How Article Marketing Automation and Other Initiatives Grow Your Cyber Venture


In internet marketing, the riches go to those who engage in consistent effort to grow their businesses. The get-rich-quick schemes are exactly what they purport to be, schemes.

Building your cyber venture, promoting affiliate or other products, means hard work on different initiatives. Working on article distribution with article marketing automation, and other web initiatives, does pay dividends.

Autopilot Distribution of Your Content While You Sleep

That sounds good doesn’t it? It’s not a pipe dream, in fact, it’s something serious internet marketers engage in all the time. Why do they? They do so because they understand there are only so many hours weekly for accomplishing marketing goals Mitchell Harad.

The best online entrepreneurs perform multiple marketing duties. They don’t rely on just one avenue for promoting their products and services. They write for blogs, websites, and for their email campaigns.

They write advertisements and engage in submitting their links to directories. They also make videos and contribute to social forums. Therefore, they can’t spend all their time distributing articles to different publishers.

Through the article marketing automation tool from a quality content distribution service, they save time. They schedule distribution of their quality content upfront.

While they sleep, or do other work, their articles go out to Web publishers like clockwork. It’s automatic, and set to build their income even when they’re not actually working.

Unique Banner Creation and Ad Writing

Whether you promote your own products or products from affiliate programs, you want to be unique. This ensures you stand out from your business competition.

Banner creation programs exist whereby you create banners suited to your particular business. Your banners don’t have to look like the other affiliate banners a host of affiliates use.

In addition, writing your own ads accomplishes the same goal. Focus your ad writing using your own voice and style. Match this to your blog and website content.

In this way, you project a unified voice and message to your niche. This presents you as a professional with a clear message to your intended audience.

Create an Informative Monthly Newsletter

You’re already a quality content producer and distribute your articles to your niche. Why not write a monthly newsletter to distribute to them as well.

It doesn’t have to be the size of a Shakespearean play. In fact, a couple of pages are sufficient.

Send out this newsletter and include links to your website or affiliate sites. Don’t make the newsletter one giant commercial, though.

Make your newsletter writing as informative as your article writing. You still have to offer useful information to your readers, no matter the platform you’re using.

Your newsletter can include detailed specs on an affiliate product along with product comparison reviews. It can include updates on product upgrades.

It’s good to have a few short pieces promoting nothing. These are informational pieces on topics related to your products but not actively promoting them.

Blog Commentary

Let people know about your cyber venture through making comments on blogs. Browse blog directories to find blogs of your niche. Check these blogs out by reading the various posts that reside on them.

After perusing and reading, comment on some posts. Be respectful and offer top-notch advice, tips, and resources. Include an affiliate or other link in your post.

Give insightful, informative comments that truly seek to contribute intelligently to the blog conversation. When people believe you are trying to help them they often link back to you.

Who knows, you may glean some useful information yourself from someone’s blog. It may be information that you can apply to your online business. Therefore, blog surfing can work for you in two ways.

Devote Some Time to Your Downline

Your cyber venture may include being a leader of other affiliate marketers. Set aside time each month to help them build their incomes. You contribute to your own success when you do this consistently.

You enjoy when others offer helpful advice. Maybe an editor at an article submission service helped you become a better content producer. Their tips paid off and you are benefitting from the increased pre-sold traffic heading your way.

You can offer helpful advice to your downline. This builds your reputation with them so they work harder for themselves and by extension you. Together, you both grow your incomes and develop a relationship of mutual respect as you do.

Make consistent effort in the above initiatives part of your monthly online business routine. Using article distribution with article marketing automation, in tandem with other tools, helps build traffic and income. It’s a way to get your cyber venture on a solid foundation for continued growth.

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