For many people in our society, day-to-day life has become a continuous struggle to survive. Seniors of all ages, children and young people, are living a moment of social, moral, and economic history, which highlights the pillars on which our society has been based, “selfishness and vanity”. Both attitudes incompatible with the good work of any society that aspires to a more balanced order at all levels, with respect to their fellow citizens. Society and spirituality, far from being alien to each other, are two sides of the same coin, since they go implicitly together and inseparable.

The society establishes bonds with the individuals that form it, and the spirituality guides to these, by the correct way of its mental and spiritual development like spiritual entities that are.

The ethical and moral values ​​are necessary to establish a society of order, of firm and secure equilibrium, where the individuals that form it, can feel safe and carry out, that for which they are on Earth, their own evolution.

An evolution according to a series of spiritual purposes, where ethics always prevails in its highest expression. Morality is a quality in the individual that little by little and throughout his diverse existences, he has been getting and understanding, to be able to walk with certainty, along the path of justice علاج السحر, of reason, of understanding. For later, serve as a guide to those who need to understand the end of life in the matter.

Birth and death, are repeated constantly, uninterrupted. We should ask ourselves the reason of both events. Spiritual laws? or everything happens without an end or principle; without a first and last cause.

It will not be that the events that now occur, make us consider life, our existence more thoroughly. Looking for the reason for all this. Perhaps, it helps us reflect that we are more vulnerable than we imagine. Nature itself teaches us of its potentials, of its movements of the planet. It makes us see, that in an instant, everything can disappear before our eyes. This fact should make us truly humble and charitable. The planet is shared, society is experienced with its greatest achievements of evolutionary order.

When we travel to countries close to ours, we see the existing social differences. We observe how they live and coexist with each other; your relationships; his social and moral progress. The education of its inhabitants, the behaviors and the care that they give to nature.

The different societies live in a continuous social and spiritual progress.

Throughout history, the human being has rejected one of the most powerful Laws that has ever existed: “The Law of Love”. It is not an abstract concept, far from individuals and unattainable. It is very close to us, it is in each one of us.

If we started to practice it, hunger and poverty and all existing forms of social damage would be eradicated in an instant. We would care for one another, based on fraternity as a social and spiritual order, capable of changing the current order.

Only leaving everything that prevents us from progressing in society, we will be prepared to make that wonderful journey together, that of the own evolution in the company of the rest of the brothers.

A society where you work not to have more, but to live better.

A society in which the moral of the human being is above any other category. A society where there are basic pillars of humility and charity, goodwill and service among all. Helping us to do the work for the community and for the community and not just for a few. Little by little, the different political, economic, religious and social systems will fall to give way to a totally different order. Society is in a process of which it is impossible to escape, because nobody escapes the duty of evolution itself. It can stop, stagnate, but time cannot come, remain inactive, precise movement, inner work, towards better and greater goals. Since society itself, due to its immanent spiritual progress, will reach everyone,

There are many resistances in all the orders of the life, like for example to leave the egoistic power and to serve the different towns. There is resistance in religions, to abandon their fanaticisms that keep them prey to anger and violence and indifference. Moreover, resistance to abandon the power of money, and distribute among all those who need help in every way. Just take a quick look at the world we inhabit and, we see the different imbalances and imbalances throughout the world.

And irremediably we are presented with the final battle, that of internal change, of the change of consciousness as a fundamental necessity to be able to realize ourselves as human beings and as spirits that we are.

In order to transform society, we have to transform each one of us internally. It is not only possible to change the outside, the outside will change when we change. Spirituality is the energy capable of changing man in his totality, when he is ready to take the step.

Human beings armed with spirituality, is what is needed on this Earth, which is gradually extinguished. Human beings committed to inner evolution, with the commitment to change and eradicate everything that makes it inferior. For only by abandoning these inferiorities, is it possible to live with dignity.

Society and spirituality, although inseparable, man lives and feels them as separate. We are detached from the spiritual object as a goal first.

They have taught us over the centuries, to live apart, one from the other, they have taught us, therefore, to live divided, to be manipulated. We are all brothers and, until we internalize this fact, until we feel its importance, we can never get ahead.

Society is the place in which, each of us develops within its possibilities, and at the pace that each one is able to follow.

Spirituality guides men on the path of consciousness that has grown and matured, and is ready to rule in all human realms. Society has no meaning if it is not accompanied by spirituality, and vice versa.

The current class of society says a lot about those who govern us. And also of the governed. The lack of justice, humility, charity, love in short, is what leads us to the ordeal of despair, social and economic disorder, poverty and lack of dignity. We are seeing, feeling and experiencing, what throughout our lives, we have been cultivating. The hatred, the resentment, the resentment, the struggle with each other, because they have educated us so that we feel others as enemies, instead of as true friends, where we can support ourselves. A society of individuals who live in authentic fraternity and union, is difficult to manipulate or alienate, because they are able to live with a high degree of consciousness, education based on worthy values ​​of souls left behind, inner struggle, revenge and hatred.

Therefore, society and spirituality can never be separated from the reality in which we are submerged. Without spirituality, which is the part of the noblest feelings existing in each one of us, it is not possible to live in harmony, peace, happiness and progress. Spirituality is learned and experienced in the maternal home; This place, of joy and consolation; of moral education and good feelings; of principles based on love for others; and later, the whole, will be poured from that whole human being, to the rest of the components of society. Giving as fruit, people who live and create harmony, in a world so lacking in it.

A society without spirituality, is a dead society that sooner or later, will suffer real convulsions, to live only from the material and not to notice the feelings of union and love. A society devoid of spirituality, is an inert being, automaton and unable to reflect on where his steps take him.

If we imagine for a moment a society based on true spirituality, we would see it totally different; we could perceive its sparkles that are created, its links with others and we would feel brothers and not strangers.

It would be the triumph to which man is destined, to live in harmony with his fellows.

To experience the delight of being able to share without fear of being rejected, mistreated or forgotten. Our beloved planetary guide Jesus, who has been and is misinterpreted, for different reasons, and one of them is the non-comprehension of his universal message, such as “love one another, as I love you.” It tells us the formula to live in peace, without conflicts between us. Without fights or wars. And yet, we do the opposite, hate each other. Are we aware of the religious burden that the phrase mentioned above carries? however, we have to reflect and think that it is only through love that we can convert, our lives of suffering, into lives full of joy and joy. And that those words, should be a balm for our souls, so in need of love. Brothers! let’s love each other This is the recipe to live in a dignified way. To leave all obstacles aside, and keep walking steadily, toward higher goals.

“A society without spirituality is like a garden without flowers. It is a rose without perfume. “

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