Could Your Dryer Vent System Be Making You Sick?


I decided to write this short article because I just came home from one of my dryer vent cleaning jobs in which a family was having trouble drying their clothes, their laundry was just taking far too long to dry which is a typical sign pointing to a clogged vent, something I see everyday but there was a curious twist this time, something they themselves have noticed for quite awhile in their laundry room…. MOLD!

We are all aware of the deleterious effects of mold, it can cause respiratory problems, long term sickness and even death in the worse case scenarios. Why mold in the laundry room you ask? Well, it’s simple really, mold needs basically three things to thrive… heat, a source of food (dirt, lint) and MOISTURE! In this particular instance the dryer vent was clogged which caused a back pressure of air that leaked into the laundry room from a loose connector on the dryer. This allowed an excessive amount of moisture into the room which raised the humidity levels to the point of creating a perfect environment for mold to thrive in clean dryer vent.

There were dark splotches of mold all over the walls and ceiling and the homeowner recalled noticing that the windows in the laundry room were fogging up whenever laundry was being done. This was not the first time I had witnessed such a problem, it happens more often than one might think. Ironically, the homeowner didn’t realize that there was an exhaust fan in the ceiling of the laundry room, had it been turned on when they were doing laundry the problem could have probably been avoided, but of course the real answer lies in preventative measures to avoid this from happening in the first place. It’s still unclear as to what extent the damage is to that particular room, the mold could possibly be remediated by a simple mixture of diluted bleach in water but if the mold has already settled inside the walls the only safe course would be to rip out the drywall and start over.

Keeping your dryer vent line clear is extremely important because it’s job is to carry the warm moist air to the outside where it can then be dispersed. If your line is restricted enough it could produce the above scenario or worse, it could cause a fire! If you own a gas dryer then you should be doubly concerned about having your dryer vent cleaned and inspected at least once every two years. Moist air backing up into your laundry room is bad enough but CARBON MONOXIDE… now that’s a whole different ballgame!

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Tips on Deciding If My Air Ducts and Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is an important portion of normal home maintenance, however, it is often neglected by homeowners. Dryer vent cleaning is just another one among these little things that may result in property damage and raise your energy bill much without even drying your laundry economically. Within this piece I wish to cover those issues and supply you with the homeowner a few strategies on the best way things to search for when selecting about cleaning your ducts and dryer ports.

For those who don’t understand your air ducts are part of a machine engineered to remove heat out of your own home or add heat to your house to keep up a certain comfort and ease that our ancestors did have. A basic air duct system contains source ducts, that furnish the atmosphere into the distance that requires to be temperature controlled. Secondly there are yield ductsthat return the air into your device to become emptied and discharged until it moves across the evaporator coil. You will find various kinds of substance the duct could be made of too such like: liver plank, bend duct, or sheet metal. Realizing the kind of duct that your system uses will assist you when speaking with a professional about cleanup them vent cleaner.

How frequently in case your air ducts be cleaned? The EPA urges approximately every 2 years. In my experience as an H Vac technician you’ll find hints to keep an eye out for when evaluating the decision to have these washed. Some signs you may want to acquire your air ducts cleaned my make that you are dusting more than normal. Still another hint might be that on the supply duct aspect, there appears to be dust gathering over the locale of your grills. If both of these will be the instance call an expert to acquire the device assessed and make sure you never have a mould issue. Mold could be growth in your system, but it also needs a few things to cultivate moisture and food. If theses 2 items exist it will grow and also the air circulation can disperse spores throughout your home and will cause respiratory problems for its inhabitants. Proper care may assist in preventing this from occurring such as keeping a excellent filter, even preferably a pleated filter, which has more area and filters down debris to.5 microns in certain instances. What’s more, cleaning your ducts and air handler, for example, mill heat and wheel and provide your system longevity.

Dryer vent cleaning is a vital region of the house maintenance regimen too. Many of use are new to home ownership and home routine maintenance, so we need certainly to read articles such as you to simply help people together. A domiciles dryer vent is normally an insert model of sheet-metal that leads heat and lint outside the home. In any event the lint seems never to concur with all the legislation of gravity and has a tendency to stay together on the inside of the insert walls also starts to block the air stream along with leaving of lint, which leads to the dryer not drying your laundry very well and at some instances keeping enough heat inside of the drier vent to spark the rancid inside of the insert inducing a quick burning spout port fire. Prevention may be the real key to any such thing and the exact same holds for it . Retaining your own lint monitor clear is vital and among the most basic ways to assist prevent accumulation of lint, however even thou this is done dryer vents need to be washed in rent one time annually to maintain your dryers energy efficacy along with keeping the energy expenses lower.

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Failure to Clean Your Dryer Vent May Be Putting Your Home at Risk of a House Fire

Most people have no idea how much lint becomes past your baits lint trap. The sum is large. With time your drier vent pipe gets coated with dryer . If a dryer vent has never been cleaned in over a calendar year, you could have a prospective fire hazard on your own handson. After the port becomes limited your drier will probably require longer to wash a load. Absence of moisture may cause your drier to more heat. If a drier vent has ended eight feet long, the dryer port should be cleaned annually. A few of those early warning signs of lint blockage include:

Is the surface of one’s dryer very hot to the signature? Is it true that your dryer take more than fifty minutes to dry a lot?
Do you ever experience a moldy smell on your clothing?
Is drier lint amassing inside the dryer doorway?
Does this look as if your outfits have more lint to them?
Can be the house concealed?
Dryer lint is virtually deflecting and extends anywhere. Most drier vents include a flap or perhaps a screen found at the outlet. This has to be washed on a normal basis. Where by your drier breaker exits the construction is typically the very first place dryer lint will gather. It is very important once you have your port cleaned that they address your exit dryer duct cleaning.

Closet vents come in all different forms and contours. The drier vent itself refers into the exhaust pipe in the walls . This tube should be a 4″ metal pipe which exits right outside or a few times through the rooftop. Some contractors sporadically utilize the more rectangular gutter ducts, or the flexible metal piping. Both can be ineffective. If your home has a foil accordion style material inside your wall, then this has to be substituted instantly. This materials is in fact flammable, if you had a dryer fire it would not have any possibility of staying included.

A drier vent that exits on to a tile roof may pose a second possible airflow restriction. A lot of enough full time builders utilize precisely the exact same gooseneck type depart as on a standard shingle roof. Unfortunately these vents aren’t long enough, and tend to port directly onto the tile together with very little space. The fix for this predicament would be to fabricate a expansion which raises the port at least four inches above the tile. This can be a job to get a seasoned dryer vent cleaner.

The other common problem would be a crushed changeover tube. The changeover tube is your tube that connects the dryer into the wall vent. The majority of enough full time delivery people use the transparency type transitions because of ease of installation. Unfortunately this content can very quickly become restricted or crushed. This type of substance is actually paper and can spark. Unlike the all metal venting material that the drier manufacturers advise this material can be a real fire danger. (watch your owners handbook or labels on back of this drier.)

Unfortuitously a blocked dryer vent will break your drier. Both primary components that violate, will be the part and also the thermostat. The surplus heat produced by a obstructed port is an option ready to take place. Many of the brand new high-performance dryers possess warning lights that let you know if your port needs cleaning. Some of these dryers even lower the strain on their own to maintain from overheating.

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The Importance of Cleaning Dryer Vents


In the event you have a drier, then you need to be sure to completely clean it frequently as you possibly can. Most pros propose the cleanup of this drier after having a total of a few decades have elapsed. In cases in which you aren’t certain whether or not your drier was cleaned or not, then you also could require a specialist to gauge the period if it was cleaned by somebody. On occasion you have the capability to utilize your private decision to see exactly the present condition of those vents. However, exactly why would it be crucial that you at all times be certain your drier’s vents have been retained as tidy as you possibly can? To start with, you need to keep in mind your washing system may simply work because of its highest possible capacity when its ports have been retained in excellent form. Besides heating along with other substances that are foreign, you’ll find a number of substances which may collect from the vents that may pose a danger towards the wellness of one’s own drying machine .For case in point, the endless accumulation of lint may cause the very low functioning of one’s device. Significantly more than just three quarters of those washing machines which are blindsided by problems of inferior operation have ports that are saturated in lint. You may prevent this by merely eliminating Crohn’s residue.

Still another rationale vent cleansing is important could be that lint could cause outward injury too. Does home impact adversely over the features of this drier, however that I could likewise be lifethreatening towards the people of one’s house and also the neighboring neighbors. Usually do not feel that the whole dwelling fires are triggered by storm fires or electric faults. The easy truth is a significant quantity of dwelling fires may possibly have already been due to means of lint. As it’s exceedingly inflammable, the compound shouldn’t be permitted to come in contact that has any flames. It’s very important to call into your mind the simple fact flames that are actuated via this stuff are beyond quenching. It normally takes time in front of a hearth brought about by lit could be quenched. In the event you would like to keep your residence from getting straightened through an infernal, then you always have to wash your locks tidy

Maybe not just are they lint’s components chlorine, nevertheless they’re also exceptionally noxious. For those who have kids into your house, they can be in danger to be infected by lint’s components. As an issue of simple fact, additionally you will be in danger to be infected by lint’s components. In a few instances, the meal might even turn into excruciating. For that reason, be certain all of your locks are equally clean as feasible. Don’t forget to engage the services of a cleaning business to be sure the vents are precisely cleaned. But for the dangers which were shown previously, your clothing can possess a terrible scent. You might have to wash your laundry thoroughly until you may put them on. Along with the, you’ll even be made to wait around to get long hours until the clothes could be dried. Generally in the majority of instances, your drier will probably be needing a couple bicycles to wash out one parcel of fabric.

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