UI/UX Design Trends For 2018 Every Designer Must Follow


UI is the engine of the rocket that drives a user to next frontier, but UX is the fuel that powers the engine. To talk about UI in 2018 is to talk about UX.

The UI design trends of 2018 might surprise you to an extent. Since this year is full of accessibility than of looks. Your efforts on every single pixel should be more aligned towards user-friendliness as opposed to working hard on animation, good looks or color overlaps.

Let’s see the design trends that are likely to make the headlines by storm.

• Board The Train Of Usability Engineering Usability Engineering would be the new UX in 2018. Since the past year has seen a major paradigm of Bitcoin, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, and Blockchain ascertaining the actual potential for mass adoption triggering the emergent need of usability that fits for the masses. In an essence, your design style should be so user-friendly that even a kindergarten student can understand it Best ICO Listing.

• Clear Visual Language Remove the unnecessary noise, visual clutter and give a content-centered experience. A well articulated and easily readable content appeals the target users. So, prioritize your content, remove irrelevant noise and elaborate clean and clear visual language.

• Voice Activated Interfaces Simplify the operations of users by applying voice-activated interfaces. Siri has advanced this trend prompting users to take action by voice rather than the conventional use of clicking buttons. Other than this, you can also chance upon other juxtaposed techniques like fingerprint activated interfaces which reduce the work of clicking.

• Strong Colors and Contrasted Fonts For Enhanced Readability Make the design speak for itself by making use of vibrant colors. Colors have the power to draw attention, evoke emotions and trigger actions.

• Natural Curves and Simple Geometry Adopt a basic look with simple curves and geometry this fall. Avoid the excessive use of colors, graphics, buttons, animations, pictures and complex elements that make your design look extra clumsy and mind jogging.

• Full-Screen Experiences iPhone X is here. Undoubtedly a trendsetter which gives audiences a new goal of having full-screen experience in whatever they view on their phone. Besides this, the trend doesn’t set off here. The quality of images is equally important that directly influences user’s orient towards your app.

Wrapping up, 2018 this time would be much more influenced by ethical ramifications of user’s design choices, pushing designers to focus on ethics. The interconnection between users’ behavior and design philosophy would be weaved as a single entity. Hence, UX wins over and becomes the new black.

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