Tiffany Lamps – For Enduring Sophisticated Beauty and Illumination


Tiffany lamps are undoubtedly the kind of lamps that will remain revered for a long time. Created in the late 1890s by a descendant of the owner of world famous jeweller Tiffany & Company, these light sources bore sophistication and craftsmanship right from the blueprint up to the completion of every single lamp. Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) tried his hand at a lot of artistic endeavors, including interior design, painting, photography, and had other passions like travelling and collecting. But it was his beautifully fashioned glass art lamps that bestowed him worldwide fame — and for several really good reasons.

Tiffany lamps are widely recognized for their magnificence and elaborate designs. In the olden days, they were handmade by proficient craftsmen. The glass was hand cut and assembled into their outline using a method called the Copper Foil, a unique process that involved exposing hot glass with metallic oxides that permeated into the molten glass and produced colors within it, which later was referred to as iridescent glass, typically associated with stained-glass windows. The technique allowed for a wider spectrum of colors, hues and textures. The painstaking process produced outstanding results that made the lamps tremendously admired by many. Because they were handcrafted, no two lamps looked alike, which added to their uniqueness and appeal. So, it was only logical that the lamps came extremely expensive Gemological Science International.

Today, these lamps, especially the authentic ones, can command thousands to millions of dollars. Even with the length of time that passed since the last lamp of this style was created, their unwavering beauty and continuing popularity continue to this day. There are modern creations that tend to imitate them and their distinctive traits, with some producers even fashioning them using the ancient tradition of soldering pieces of stained glass. Called Tiffany style lamps, these renditions take their inspiration from the original ones and adhere to the same qualities as the authentic lamps.

The Tiffany style lamps of the modern times remain very popular with many people. One of the advantages of these lamps is that they are manufactured in numerous styles. There are mission style fixtures, while others are more complex, such as the pendants and torchiers. Generally, these reproductions have a brass base and a lavish shade made of numerous pieces of colored glass in different sizes and shapes. When choosing from arrays of these lamps, enthusiasts will notice that there are varieties that come in premium prices. For those operating on a budget, it is recommended to choose the most suitable type for their requirement to ensure that they are investing their money well.

With all the wonderful qualities that the Tiffany lamps possess, it is highly likely that the admiration and fascination for the craftsmanship will continue for a long time. For homeowners who wish to have a part of the magnificence of the Tiffany lamp but do not have the financial means, they can get reproductions that are as good as the original. But original or not, as long as they are carefully chosen, these lamps can still command a presence that no other lamp can, making them worthwhile items to own.

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