Buffing Hardwood Floors


With time, hardwood floors lose their sparkle regardless of how usually they’re swept waxed and clean shiny. However, just because your flooring has really lost its shine and includes a few nicks and scratches here and also there does not mean you should entirely remove the whole flooring and replace it with a brand new one. This method would be rather costly & a lot of the moment unneeded.

There was just a less cluttered, cheap option: Buffing hardwood floors is one particular component of this re finishing process. Buffing is in fact a relative new technique used in design that will work to revive the appearance of hardwood flooring. If you get it done properly, you could rest assured that your previous floor can look glossy and fresh new yet again.

Please note buffing is not often the ideal flooring answer, nevertheless. That is particularly true whenever a flooring is severely destroyed, in which case, the buffer wont be in a position to reestablish the ground’s original appearance and sparkle. The single option would be to shake the whole ground. However, if your hardwood ground simply has slight scrapes, small gaps and gouges, and light wear on the planks, proceed with buffing hardwood floor buffing.

Buffing hardwood flooring is also a wonderful way to partially enhance your floor. Additionally, you ready your floor for a fresh finish every moment. Buffing is significant because finish that has been applied over to the ground without any buffing it first can immediately peel.


You have to employ a system named a buffer to buff your hardwood flooring. It’s not just a great idea to obtain this devices because this is something you aren’t going to be using it than every few decades. In the very least, you may possibly be buffing it every 2 years therefore it doesn’t seem sensible from the financial standpoint to get this type of products. You can hire a buffer from an hardware leasing company for a number times.

The trick uses an display screen, and with this particular go using a nice display screen of around 100 grit. This type of monitor functions for hardwood flooring. Make sure, however, once you employ the buffer that you just sweep it attentively across them, taking care to cover all of the areas.

– Right Measures

Inch. Vacuum a floor after sanding it. Make sure there are no dirt particles in the floor ahead of buffing.

2. Test the buffer out first by running by the center of this space. Take note a buffer takes a while to get used to, especially if you’re buffing your hardwood flooring for your first moment.

3. For the best results, use a display screen that has between 100 and 120 grit.

4. If your hardwood floors features a wax finish, then get rid of the wax coating first before buffing it.

5. Get off the wax then enthusiast and after that apply wax for a wonderful hunting ground.

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