Protecting Freelance Writing Service Clients from Plagiarism – Plagiarism is Stealing


Intellectual plagiarism has always been an problem of problem with writers of scholarly along with literary material. The explosion of it has advanced the direction of plagiarism but has never changed the seriousness of its implications.

Plagiarism as characterized by the Concise Oxford Dictionary is: the taking and use of another person’s mind, writings, and inventions as one’s very own. Loyola college, in their own website defines sneaking this way -“to take or appropriate (the other’s real estate, thoughts, etc.. ) without having consent ” When you compare the definitions, so it will become apparent that they are identical. So, plagiarism is slipping during its foundation uc essay prompts.

A freelance writing agency must require exceptional measures to assure authors recognize the ethical and moral issues associated with plagiarism. Although software apps, such as copy-scape, can compare published materials into other stuff on the net to ascertain blatant plagiarism, it isn’t ample. These apps are less effective of ascertaining the pillaging of intellectual ideas and thoughts and this is the place where a writing service has to direct its efforts.

A freelance writing service has to put into place mechanisms to ensure their clients that these services and products that they commission are original content and also stick to stringent standards of giving appropriate charge to any and all writers whose notions and thoughts were found from the file to reinforce the info. Use other thoughts and notions in writing is an acceptable practice in the event the thoughts have been paraphrased and credit given from the human body of this file and a full citation provided at a reference department.

The issue becomes then, so how exactly can a freelance producing service track a writer’s appropriate utilization of intellectual property? The question is easier to pose than to reply. It’d seem there has to be a set of strategies including what this company has done by: requesting an composing candidate to define that there beliefs about plagiarism and necessitating a candidate to create an essay on plagiarism, including this one.

Beyond these plans, it’d seem a corporation needs to have an excellent tracking process inplace that could have a period of time when the employment of new writers is tracked and checked for adherence to specifications. When a writer efficiently completes the probation interval, then a process of randomized intermittent review of products can help keep writers about the straight and narrow.

In the end though, it appears that valuing the intellectual property of others has to emerge from within each and every author. If your writer does not have the inherent integrity to respect and honor the intellectual property of the others, then it won’t matter just how a lot of hoops a strategy has them jump – through to ensure ethics – that they will probably be ever looking for new tactics to win against the technique.

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