Hair Clippers – Everything You Need to Know


Hair clippers are the best way to get a quality hair cut. But you may not realize that there are dozens (if not dozens of dozens) of variations between different models of hair clipper. Here’s a look at the basic components and functions of clippers today.

Manual vs. Electric

This is one of the biggest differences. In the United States, electric clippers have overcome manual and become far more popular (in fact, it can be hard to purchase manual clippers, depending on where you shop). But worldwide, manual clippers are still quite popular. They are hand operated, making them versatile, portable, and affordable (and reliable) to operate.

Electric hair clippers are generally more advanced, though. Many plug directly into an outlet, while others operate with rechargeable batteries, so they are easy to travel with (for short periods, such as a weekend).


Comb attachments affix to the end of the hair clippers, and allow the blades to serve a variety of different functions . Depending on the attachment, you can cut hair of all varying lengths, and even create a different cutting texture in some cases. Unless your hair is very short (and you don’t plan to use the clippers for anyone but yourself), you want clippers with a considerable range of attachments. Some sets come with as many as 10 different comb attachments.

Wet vs. Dry

Newer models of clippers can cut both wet and dry hair. These are most versatile and are, therefore, a very good idea for you to buy if possible.

Hair Types

Higher quality clippers are often designed to work on different types of hair, including different textures and thicknesses. Make sure you get clippers that can accommodate you (and, ideally, will cut varying textures so that you can help a friend or family member).

Practical Considerations

Some things like how big your clippers are, and how much noise they make, might not impact how they actually cut hair. But this makes a difference in how convenient (or inconvenient) they are. Check the box and size to make sure you get a pair of hair clippers that will be easy for you to use and store.

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